Cultivating Trust between Administration and Faculty

Cultivating trust is critical - especially as changes are implemented.


Administrative Consulting to create school environments that cultivate educational agility

Faculty Professional Development

Faculty professional development to cultivate educational agility in the classroom

Teacherless observations

The author discusses a classroom observation technique for which the only requirement is that the teachers is not present during the observation.

Pulling Agile into Education: Examples to learn by

The authors present samples of agile in education as a starting point to understand the agile mindset. Readers are also invited to contribute samples of their agile-infused teaching.

Webinar Agility by Tim Logan

As part of the ECIS Leadership Conference - April 2020, Guide and Lead Managing Partner, Tim Logan gives an overview of the importance of agility in building schools as life-affirming 21st century organisations.

Demos and Feedback in the Classroom

Four steps for students to give and get safe and effective feedback.

Build Confidence: Exploration and Student Choice

Uplift focuses on the creation of an atmosphere in which students build on existing strengths and grow their self-confidence. Dangerous to an atmosphere of uplift are traditional assessment practices.

Pull vs Push: Student Centric

Learning needs to change. Ideally schools could adopt a student-pulled curriculum (instead of a push system, which is what we overwhelmingly have), based on their own needs and interests.

Importance of Challenge: Engaged, Deep Learning

Importance of encouraging exploration, context, and challenge.