Faculty Trainings

EDgility training for teachers

Education - supporting student agency in order to live up to the promise of life-long learning.

Agile - a way of working and thinking that is increasingly popular in a range of organizations - including schools.

Training sessions (14-16 hours, delivered in two days or a format tailored to your context, either online or in person) do not tell you how to teach. Instead, we explore the values, artefacts, and practices of agility when applied to teaching and learning.

Iterative learning, in an atmosphere of trust, with high quantity low stress feedback from peers and teachers, where a mistake is seen as a step forward because now you know what not to do and success is something to share with everyone so that, through collaboration, we all improve. EDgility.

Learn the 10+ practices of the mindset, how you can shift yourself and your school culture in the direction you would like to shift, and how students gain greater control over their learning.

See examples of agile-infused teaching and learning in the sidebar. You are also invited to contribute to these practices if you are already pulling agile into education.

EDgility training is informed by the Agile Certified Educator (ACE), a future certification of the Scrum Alliance.