On Agile Education in Practice - A Conversation with Paul Magnuson

Paul Magnuson attributes his progressive views on education to over twenty years of experience working in summer camps. He’s done with command and control models that tend to favor conformity and compliance over self-regulation, whether it be for students or teachers. Paul leads educational research at Leysin American School and is a frequent blogger for the international school organizations, The International Educator and ECIS. Opportunities for workshops in innovative teaching and learning can be found at peakchallenges.ch.

In our conversation, Paul draws on inspiration from eduScrum, Agora schools and we talk about NEASC’s ACE Learning accreditation protocol.

If you are interested in contributing lessons to Paul’s collection (with Nicola Cosgrove) Pulling Agile into Education, please see the template in the link and write to them at [email protected] and [email protected].

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Paul Magnuson
Paul Magnuson
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