EDgility for administrators

Education - supporting student agency in order to live up to the promise of life-long learning.

Agile - a way of working and thinking that is increasingly popular in a range of organizations - including schools.

While there is no elixir for instant improvement in school, there are practices that, independently and together, help shift your school culture over time toward a learning environment that allows teacher and student agency to take root and grow.

EDgility is a set of practices which, when implemented in small increments over time, can introduce lasting changes to school culture. Like agile practitioners know, both in and out of school environments, a culture dependent on carrots and sticks is limiting, as is one fueled by grades over learning, hierarchical control, or at its worst, fear.

EDgility is a way to promote trust and collaboration, in incremental changes over time - changes that taken together create a teaching and learning culture with a life and direction of their own.

Administrators are encouraged to not only provide and support training for their faculty, but to get involved, directly in the training if time permits, or through short and frequent check-ins throughout the school year.

EDgility training is informed by the Agile Certified Educator (ACE), a future certification of the Scrum Alliance.